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Your Music, Your Station!

About Us is pleased to announce the launch of Canada's newest Online Radio Station featuring South Asian Music & Lifestyle. “We are thrilled to bring a new radio station to South Asian youths across Canada,” said Dj Sunshine, Brand Captain, Spice Radio. “Spiceradio will represent the South Asian youth of today who have grown up in Canada and continue to grow with the lifestyle blend of their background. We feature the best of Bollywood, Bhangra, and mainstream Top 40's. This is truly where east meets west. is a 24 hour online radio station that broadcasts the very best in new and old Bollywod, Bhangra & Mainstream music. The creator behind the station is the well known  Dj Sunshine.  Having begun an era of remix music in Canada, he has decided to set up Spice Radio Online. Dj Sunshine has identified a gap for South Asians to represent, specifically targeted at the desi* audience online,  not just in the Canada but across the world. aims to become a successful global online radio station, to bring Desi’s across the globe together. is a 24 hour online radio station broadcasting live, streaming 24 hrs 365 days worldwide. Your music, Your station. Send your requests to



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Call 605.475.8020 from any phone to start listening now*. *U.S. Phone number. No subscription fee. Regular calling rates apply. No extra cost for the call. Calls use mobile minutes.




2500 Bovaird Drive East , Suite 412 , Brampton, ON


(905) 282-0655


A SOCAN music licence gives us the freedom to play the music you hear. By complying with the law, we ensure that the creators of that music are fairly compensated and continue to create the music you love!